My Gay Life is a podcast about, well, just that...our gay lives. We cover a variety of topics ranging from sports, families, and adoption to our gay idols and childhood crushes.

My Gay Life is hosted by Cyndi Butz-Houghton aka Butz and Becca Samuelson.

Your Hosts



Butz loves her amazing gay life because she gets to spend it with her best friend and wife, Becky, and their daughter, Brontë. While her passions are football and running, and her day job is working as a television/video Producer/Director. She has always wanted to find more ways to share people's experiences. Always trying to find new ways to capture people’s attention and tell intriguing stories, she does not shy away from many topics.

She believes the next adventure is always waiting right around the corner and that life is too short to not have ice cream in your freezer.

She has traveled the country producing reality shows for TLC, Lifetime, The Food Network, and 20th Century Fox.

When not Podcasting with Becca she also coaches a Women’s Pro Football team in Seattle, The Seattle Majestics. She likes to write screenplays and run in races around the country. None of which would be possible without the love and guidance of her wife and family.

BECCA Fernandez

Hey! I'm Becca, or Rebecca, or Rsam, or Sam...anything but Becky works. I spend my gay life with my saint of a wife, Alana, and our chocolate golden doodle, Pres.

I love to talk, usually too much, so Butz decided we should try putting a mic in front of me! I've always loved telling stories and hearing about other people's experiences.

When I'm not with my family, at work, or in the studio with Butz, I'm playing flag football, doing color commentary for the Seattle Majestics or enjoying some of that beautiful Seattle sunshine. I'm writing this in July...